Safety Information

Information to all persons entering the facility

ALL Persons entering the property of the M.N.S.C.I. must immediately register in the Control office.

All Firearms entering the facility must be in cases or slips with breech clear and bolt out or breech flag inserted.

Firearms may only be removed from their cases or slips when on the firing line or safe areas. Aiming or snapping of any firearm is not allowed on any part of the facility other than on the firing line and only then when the Range is live.


Information Signs and Notices
Information notices are on display in different areas of the range. The majority of them are safety related please do not ignore any of them.

Dress Code
Military and Combat style uniforms are not allowed on any part of the M.N.S.C.I. facility. However, exceptions will be made for historic rifle military shoots and enactment days when uniforms of the period must match the firearm that is in use. Clothing with any offensive or obscene logos, sayings or emblems are not allowed on the facility. Current army uniforms are strictly forbidden unless they are representing the Defence Forces or such like.


Some Gun Handling Rules

• Always keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed in a safe direction. A “safe” direction is defined as downrange towards the target.
• Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire. This means that the shooter’s finger will be outside the trigger guard of the firearm until the shooter is on target ready to shoot, or until the range command, “Commence Firing!” or “Range Is Live!” has been given.
• Keep the action open and the firearm unloaded until ready to use.
• There will be no handling of firearms on the firing line during a cease-fire. There will be no handling of firearms on the range while people are downrange during a cease-fire.
• Be aware of your target and what is beyond. Do not mount targets on vertical posts or cross rails No portable targets may by used except the ones provided on the range.
• Hearing protection is required at all times while the range is live. On the Pistol Range eye protection is defined as lenses covering your eyes. Safety glasses are appropriate. Half glass (reading glasses) are not appropriate eye protection. Eye protection will be worn so it covers your eyes. Hearing protection will be in the or covering the ears.
• Be sure your firearm and ammunition are compatible. Use only the type of ammunition for the firearm you are currently shooting. When switching to a different calibre firearm store the ammunition that was previously being used.

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