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The Midlands National Shooting Centre of Ireland is a long-established shooting facility that covers all disciplines of the sport. With rifle ranges, varying from 10 to 1,200 yards, all firearm calibres are catered for along with a Pistol Range and Clay Pigeon layout. The facility has in the past hosted both national and international competitions in shooting disciplines with our members representing our country worldwide.



The Shooting Centre is managed by experienced people in all aspects of firearms, which includes Safety, Marksmanship and Technical Advice. Basic and Advanced Courses are available to groups and individuals that cover firearms safety and proficiency.

Latest News

Bullseye 360 Rifle and Pistol
Here at the MNSCI on the first Saturday of every month
Next event June 4th
Open to everyone
Any queries please contact Paul on 0852151385

NOTICE 5 February 2022

Calendar of Events 2022

Feb 19th, Sat, Geoffrey Payne memorial Match, Sporting Rifle 600 yards.

Feb 27th,Sun, S.T.A.G.S. Med/Long/extreme long range .22 lr

Mar 5th/6th , NASRPC Nationals

Mar 12th/13th, Country Sports Ireland ,Deer Stalking Training Course.

Mar 19th, PRS. Irish Rifle League.

Mar 20th, F Class and Sporting Rifle ,NRAI National league.

Mar 19th/20th, TSAI 50m.

Mar 27th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/Long/ ETL .22lr

April 2nd, Deer Alliance HCAP.

April 10th, F Class and Sporting Rifle,NRAI National league.

April 16th, PRS.Irish Rifle league.

April 23rd/24th, TSAI 50 m

April 24th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/Long/ ETL .22lr

May 8th, F Class and Sporting Rifle , NRAI National league.

May 29th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/ Long/ETL. .22lr

June 4th, PRS, Irish Rifle League.

June 12th, F Class and Sporting Rifle,NRAI National league.

June 26th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/long/ETL. .22lr

July 10th, F Class and Sporting Rifle, NRAI National league

July 31st, S.T.A.G.S. Med/long/ ETL. .22lr.

Aug 14th, F Class and Sporting Rifle,NRAI National league.

Aug 28th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/ long/ ETL. .22 lr.

Sept 3rd, PRS,Irish Rifle League

Sept 11th, F Class and Sporting Rifle,NRAI National league.(Finals)

Sept 25th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/long/ ETL. .22 lr.

Oct 29th, PRS, Irish Rifle League.

Oct 30th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/long/ ETL .22lr.

Nov 27th, S.T.A.G.S. Med/long /ETL. .22lr

This calendar events is subject to change and will be updated with more events later

Classic rifle,ranges 100 /600 yards paper and steel targets. Not forgetting the Quigley down under bucket challenge for the members that have the .45 rifles for it.
S.T.A.G.S. Centre fire matches with plenty of Hunting type scenarios.This type of Match will have categories for the different type of rifles,ie ,open ,factory ,HME etc and targets including vermin,game and Safari.
Clay pigeons and shotgun steel targets
.22 benchrest
Long range Benchrest
Pistol matches


13th January 2022

The MNSCI ranges are closed from today until after the weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Any queries please contact JP on 0868232641

APRIL 27th 2021





Notice re Inter county travel due to current Covid restrictions

Please note due to the current level 5 restrictions now in place , we have to adhere to the inter county travel ban.For us this means limited to members and guests of members within the Offaly region only.

As a gesture in this current climate we would like to extend an invitation to members of target rifle /pistol ranges who are resident in Offaly and who cannot at present travel to their own respective ranges out of county , a warm welcome to come and avail of our facilities free of charge for the duration of the travel restrictions .

We realise this does not help many of you however we are trying to give as many people as is possible a chance to enjoy their sport while still living within the restrictions

The range is equipped with sanitation stations and like so many ranges due to its outdoor non contact environment it is easy to comply with the social distancing requirements
Therefore any shooter resident in Offaly who has an up to date membership and their own insurance with any other target rifle / pistol club are welcome to shoot here
For all members and guests booking of the range must be made in advance by text to JP on 0868232641
All attendance has to be and will be registered .
Any queries contact JP on the above number




All of the Midland Ranges are open throughout the Christmas period to all members with the exception of Christmas Day.
Any member who wishes to attend must text JP on 0868232641 to book.
Guests of members are welcome however priority will be given to members .
The MNSCI Ranges will continue to abide with all covid regulations and we will endeavour to facilitate all members .
In the past few weeks we only saw our residents of Offaly on the range so we were delighted to see people from further afield yesterday and today and we look forward to seeing many more of you over the Christmas period.
On arrival the barrier is closed please ring 0868232641 to gain access then proceed to clubhouse main entrance where membership card must be swiped on the fob on exterior wall of clubhouse , to register attendance.
A selection of targets are available at clubhouse please take whatever target you require with no charge applied to members .



Due to present Covid 19 restrictions All matches and competitions have to be postponed until further notice.
The ranges will remain in full compliance with all covid measures that are already in place.
The range is open to members that can comply with the present travel restrictions.
As always booking is essential at least a day before a planned visit to the range.
Any queries contact JP on 0868232641
Please continue to stay safe everyone.

Notice 13/6/20

Due to the sudden passing of a much loved friend and neighbour of the range, we will be closed tomorrow Sunday 14th June for all shooting as a mark of respect.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to our members and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact JP on 0868232641




As you will be aware the 5km distance restriction has increased to 20km, or within Co. Offaly as of Monday, June 8th. Any member who can travel from their home within this distance is permitted to enter the range. I believe it is important to remind all members that it is a legal requirement for the range to keep a record of who attends the facility. This can be viewed at any time by the Gardai, so please no semantics. We have our range and our sport to protect.

• In a change to normal practice, all members now have to pre-book their range visit every day, including weekends. This excludes Mondays when the range is closed.
This can be done via text to JP only on 0868232641, with a confirmation text received in return from JP. This is required to ensure the number of members and range officers is of a safe standard. Failure to book a visit will result in being unable to use the range.

• Please note the barrier will remain down at all times. Please contact the telephone number at the barrier to gain access. Again, this is for your own safety and wellbeing so that only those who have booked the range can gain access.

• You must read and follow all instructions written on signage. These are on display from the barrier, to the car park, to the reception and all other areas of the ranges.

• There are 14 sanitising stations positioned throughout the ranges. These are available for you to use. We would greatly appreciate your regular use of these stations.

• At present, we will not be providing any tea or coffee making facilities. Please come prepared with your own refreshments (flasks, lunchboxes etc). We will have the clubhouse/canteen area opened for seating with the 2-metre distancing rule in force. Tables and seating are available also at the veranda and on the picnic benches, which are also subject to the 2-metre distancing rules.

More updates to follow, we are looking forward to seeing everyone. Stay safe!

Yours in Sport,


Hello everyone!
As from the previous post we have reopened on May 18th in Stage 1 of Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business.
I’d like to thank all our members and non members alike for their patience and their compliance with the current Government restrictions . It makes me proud that we as shooting sportspeople have been so responsible.
Unfortunately due to the 5 km distance restriction we haven’t been too busy !
Not a day goes by without several phone calls from members showing their support for the range and understanding the situation.
We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again once all the travelling restrictions have been lifted.
Meanwhile I have been busy ensuring that I have all in place to comply ie no access to clubhouse, membership swipe fob has been moved to the exterior wall at reception door, access to hand sanitizers etc. Unfortunately there are no tea and coffee facilities available so please come prepared.
The 100/200/300 metre sheltered range will be impossible to meet the 2 metre social distancing as it stands therefore I am presently removing the entire back wall of that sheltered range. Members can then easily comply with the 2 metre rule by just entering directly behind their shooting bench..
All the other ranges are by their design easily compliant.
There is only so much I can say in a post so please feel free to contact me directly on 0868232641 anytime if you have queries about using the range etc.I will gladly help and assist in anyway possible.
The sooner we get back to our new normal the better !
I hope you and your families and friends have stayed safe and well during these times and continue to do so .
Our Country is doing its utmost to fight this crisis and it appears to be going in the right direction.
Regards to all

Emerald Match 2019

The Emerald is an International F Class Competition catering for F Open and FTR shooters held in Ireland.

The event is run by The National Rifle Association of Ireland and held on The Midland’s National Shooting Centre of Ireland.

This year’s Emerald competition runs from Wednesday June 5th to Sunday June 9th

The competition is open to anyone both National and International.

Please note all International shooters will need to submit a visitor’s permit for their firearm with their entry form.

The Emerald competition days are broken up as follows

Wednesday June 5th  Squaded Practice

Thursday June 6th   Long Range 1100 &1200 yards competition.

Clay and egg shoot will take place in the afternoon at 1200 yards

Friday June 7th Day one of The Emerald Individuals , 800 ,900 & 1000 yards

Saturday June 8th Day two of The Emerald Individuals , 800 ,900 & 1000 yards

Presentation for The Individual results and Barbecue  on Saturday Evening

Sunday June 9th   The Four Man International Team Match

More details available on entry forms

Visitors permit link also available on entry forms

Any queries contact JP Craven on 00353 (0868232641) or email

Emerald Match details and entry forms: Click Here

We look forward to seeing you all on the firing line.

Nature at its best at Midlands April 2019

The heart of shooting in Ireland